"A Dining Experience You Would Cherish"

Eastern Opulence is situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Jalan Wijaya, Kebayoran Baru. From the moment the doors opened for the public on the late of 2017, Eastern Opulence has received appreciations and recognition from important and powerful figures and also the medias.

Eastern Opulence treasures the complexity of Indonesian cultures which is composed by multiple ethnicity and regions through its culinary experience.

The kitchen is filled with passionate professionals originating from different regions of Indonesia and ethnicity. Each bringing his knowledge about the best culinary recipe from his origin into the team. These men have dedicated many decades of their lives in the kitchen to pursue their life long dream of culinary perfection.

When Eastern Opulence was first designed, the architect composed all his ideas while keeping the utmost respect for the beauty and complexity of colonial architectural. Eastern Opulence was built with meticulous details and filled with valuable antiques.

From 150 years old hand-carved Gapuro, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles throne and also an antique piano that has witnessed the lives of the Germans before WWI.

The management team is proud to be able to share the joy and the complexity that we have designed and created to everyone in Jakarta and we strongly advised for you to share the good news with your loved ones.